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Books & DVDs


'Into Africa'

'Africa by Motorcycle - Everyday an Adventure'

book001 (13K)
This is the story of amazing Africa, its people and some very good reasons why not to fall off a motorcycle.
Riding across fourteen countries from the island of Jersey to Cape Town, this eye-opening tale catapults you into Africa. Sam, a novice biker, breaks free from everyday life and proves that dreams of adventure can be made a reality. His plans don't always work out as they should, but every twist in the road leads him to new challenges and surprises. The journey throws disaster in his way, seeing him jailed in Tanzania and hit by a serious wipe out in Namibia. He lives in a remote village, canoes a dugout in Malawi, escapes a bush fire, and climbs a mountain. He says, "Travelling on two wheels is the perfect way to explore a continent like this; it's all about freedom and the ability to take advantage of opportunity". A special shine is given to this dream by the warmth and welcoming nature of Africa's people; Sam's love of Africa glows from this book.
Sixteen chapters, 29 photographs, 34 line drawings
ISBN 1-4120-5498-2 Trafford Publishing 13.95

'Adventure Motorcycling Handbook'

'Worldwide Motorcycling Route & Planning guide'

book002 (28K)
Fully revised 5th edition- every red-blooded motorcyclist's dreams of making the Big Trip:
Chris Scott's Adventure Motorcycling Handbook is the comprehensive manual to make that dream a reality.Practical information- Top ten overland machines rated, documentation, preparing your bike for touring off the beaten track, shipping and air-freighting, navigation and survival, off road riding techniques in deserts, mountains and even rivers!Tales from the Saddle- first hand accounts of spoke-bending biking adventures Worldwide including new yarns from Ted Simon and Mondo Enduro. Battling against the elements on epic journeys: India, Australia, the Sahara, the Americas, Siberia and many more"The first thing we did was buy the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook" Ewan McGregor, The Long Way Round.
Author Chris Scott
ISBN 1-873756-80-1 Trailblazer Publications 12.99

'Desert Travels'

'Motorbike Journeys in the Sahara and W Africa'

book003 (21K)
No man can emerge from the desert unchanged wrote Wilfred Thesiger the explorer.
When Chris Scott's first African trip ended halfway across the Sahara with an empty petrol tank he vowed never to return. But somehow the lure of the dunes proved too strong for the youthful despatch rider, and over the next decade he made another six forays into the Sahara and West Africa. Arrested for stupidity, propositioned by a Moorish princess, he caught fire and regularly got lost but still he hadn't had enough. He even organized an ill-fated expedition from which only one rider returned unscathed, and then wrote a handbook, Desert Biking, for like-minded desperadoes. "A brilliant read if you are serious about a cross-desert trip, but still a good yarn if you are just interested in other people's adventures" – MCN
Author Chris Scott
ISBN 1-8744-7250-5 Travelers Bookshop Special mail order price 5.00

'Sahara Overland'

'A Route and planning Guide'

book004 (23K)
Fully revised and expanded second edition. Looking beyond the romance of shimmering oases and magical dunes,
this is the 2nd edition of Chris Scott's comprehensive handbook to understanding and exploring the world's most fascinating and mysterious wilderness. Over 70 GPS routes and detailed itineraries- 25,000km in nine countries. Whether you're planing a week's excursion to Morocco or a two-month Trans-Saharan expedition this guide offers all the advice, background information and inspiration to complete your journey safely. "The essential Sahara Guide" -The Sunday Times. "As addictive as it is informative. You may not be interested in overlanding, 4X4s or even the Sahara, but once you've spent a quiet morning with this book it could well become your life quest" – Global Adventure.
Author Chris Scott.
ISBN 1-873756-76-3 Trailblazer Publications 19.99

'Motorcycling Abroad'

'Adventure-Advice-Safety-Laws '

book005 (24K)
Riding a motorcycle abroad is a joyful experience, and something that everyone with a 'bike should do at least once.
There's a huge selection of roads, cultures and scenery just waiting to be explored: mountains, valleys, plains and lakes, magical coast lines and tranquil rolling hills, all just a ferry ride away. Whether you're a seasoned tourer, or looking to take your 'bike overseas for the first time, this comprehensive guide offers a wealth of information. There are sections on documents and insurance, rules and regulations and the sort of hazards you may encounter abroad. General advice on the right type of 'bike, clothing, luggage and how to pack efficiently. Country by country riding advice, including the entire new EU member states.
Author Peter Henshaw
ISBN 1-84425-245-0 Haynes Publishing 12.99

'Jupiter's Travels'

'The Book that has inspired other to Travel'

book011 (33K)
Ted's account of his incredible motorcycle journey around the world on probably the last Triumph twin to leave the Meriden Factory.
Tales and anecdotes of the people and problems encountered on this journey of discovery. 'The Interruptions are the Journey'. Jupitalia Ted Simon
Author Ted Simon
Price: tbc

'Riding High'

Sequel to Jupiter's Travels

book010 (32K)
More tales from Ted's around the world Journey.
Author Ted Simon
Price: tbc

'Mondo Enduro'

The most exciting motorcycle adventure ever, if you were on it.

book012 (28K)
This is the expedition that inspired hundreds of others, including Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman. Sleeping in mud huts or under the stars; avoiding bandits from the Caucasus to Central America, this is adventure motorcycling as it's meant to be – raw, super low budget and above all – fun . Completely unsponsored and without backup, Mondo Enduro learnt their mistakes the hard way, because they had no idea what they were doing.
Edited by Austin Vice
ISBN 1-904466-28-1 Published by Ripping Yarns.
Price: 13.95


'Miles Ahead'

'Endurance & Adventure Against the Clock'

On the 22nd of September 2003, a rugged, mud caked BMW R1150GS Adventure armed with battered metal panniers and a buckled back wheel, crawled into the town of Ushuaia,
the most southern city in the world that can be reached by road. An exhausted couple, having just slid their way through a snowy Paso de Garibaldi, finally reached the very end of the road, beyond lay Antarctica. This was no ordinary overland motorcycle ride that had just travelled through the remote Patagonian wilderness. Kevin Sanders rode the bike, with his wife Julia on the back. This husband and wife team had just completed what had never been done before. Starting from Deadhorse, Alaska, they had ridden the length of the American continents, some 27,200kms in less than 35 days and beating the previous world record by 12 days. Kevin and Julia are the first people to ever hold double Guinness World Records ™
Kevin and Julia Sanders
Running Time Approx. 75min 15.00

'Riding South America'

'Peru and Patagonia'

book007 (24K)
In 2004 Kevin and Julia returned to South America for the first time since their Trans Americas World Record.
Julia decided to give up her back seat and ride her own BMW f650GS Dakar. She had previously ridden only 2,000 miles before they set off. Riding South America features some of the best roads along the western side of this continent.
  • Colca Canyon, Peru
  • Canyon del Patto, Peru
  • Cusco and the Sacred Valley, Peru
  • Carretera Austral, Chile
  • Torres del Paine, Chile
  • Routa 40, Patagonia, Argentina
  • Magellan Straits & Tierra del Fuego
Also includes tips on how to air freight your bike.
Kevin and Julia Sanders
Running Time Approx. 55mins 12.95

'Desert Riders'

'To the Heart of the Sahara by Motorcycle'

book008 (29K)
Twenty two years after his first two-wheel venture into the Sahara Chris Scott, author of Desert Travels and the Adventure Motorcycling Handbook
cooks up the Desert Riders Project, a hardcore expedition to explore the limits of motorcycling in the Sahara. Vital fuel and food drops are buried months in advance and with Jon Escombe and Andy Bell, the three Desert Riders set off on a radical 6000-km adventure to the desolate heart of the Sahara. Featured in National Geographic Channel, Desert Riders is part of a series of Adventure Motorcycling filmed featuring great rides from around the globe. This DVD also includes Chris Scott's first feature 'Call of the Wild', and a preview of Gorge Riders.
Chris Scott
Running Time Approx. 75mins 15.00

'Gorge Riders'

'Bush bashing and canyoneering with BMW twins'

book009 (30K)
In between updating the adventure Motorcycling Handbook, Chris Scott also covers the remoter corners of Australia for Rough guides -
and the gorges of the Hamersley Ranges in Northwestern Australia are the spectacular setting of this latest film. Staying behind the camera this time Chris follows Jeff abroad his ratty ex-African HPN Boxer, and Bob and Danielle who are half way through an RTW honeymoon ride on their fully-kitted BMW R1150GS. Filmed in broadcast-quality digital video, Gorge Riders is the third in a series of great motorcycle adventures from around the world. This DVD also includes Chris Scott's first feature 'Call of the Wild', and a preview of 'Desert Riders'.
Chris Scott
Running Time Approx. 81mins 12.95

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